I would like to take a few minutes to formally introduce myself, to those that don’t know me. I come from a fashion background, specifically fashion journalism. Recently, and partially due to the fact that baby number 3 (surprise!) is on the way, I decided to re evaluate my writing focus. As much as I would love to run in the fashion world with the likes of Anna Wintour from Vogue and Blair Eadie from the fashion blog Atlantic-Pacific, this is not my life. I am a mother, not a high powered style writer at the top of the fashion food chain. I am immersed in mommy hood, so why not write about what I know best, right? This is my thought. Of course, I still love fashion and will incorporate that into my blog.  The differene is now it will be more about pulling looks together in minimal time that are also mom friendly, meaning easy to chase little ones in and machine washable.

I am married and we have a 10 year old daughter and a 7 year old son, with a baby girl due around New Year’s. I will be experiencing life as a Mom with a tween, a baby, and a boy in between.  I love my life as a Mom, and when I feel as if I am not doing enough in the world I realize that I am contributing to the future of the world by raising amazing, compassionate, and smart people.

My intention with this blog is to have a real voice in the world of parenting, and hopefully inspire moms and dads in this crazy adventure we call parenthood. We are all united in this voyage and I hope you will join me on my new journey as a mommy blogger.



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