Mommy-Son Day

The other day Gabriel casually mentioned that he and I never get to do anything just the two of us. Initially he said he wanted to go have lunch and then see a scary movie with me. I told my husband that he needed to be home with the girls yesterday (I gave him a week’s notice) and off Gabriel and I went.

We loaded up the stinky and overgrown dogs as well so we could drop them off at the groomer’s house first. That’s Mom life, right? Always multitasking. Since we moved we live about an hour from our old stomping grounds, but I have not found a good groomer out this way yet so I still drive the boys to Wendy’s house every couple of months. The oldest and smallest of our dogs, Louis, is blind. The kids call him a pirate dog because he has a degenerative eye disease that basically forced us to have one of his eyes removed. It was causing him pain and he couldn’t see out of it anyway. That being said, Louis has become quite ornery in his old age with the other dogs. There was a good bit of warning growls and animosity going on amongst Louis and our schnoodle Henry as we made our way down the highway yesterday. We were happy to finally drop them off at Wendy’s house so they could get presentable. Not to mention, the car smelled much better when they were out of it.

Our next stop, per Gabriel’s request, was for a late lunch at his favorite Mexican restaurant. He did not have his phone with him, and I intentionally didn’t remind him that he was leaving it when we left the house earlier in the day. I put my phone in my purse and enjoyed a screen friendly meal with my only boy. The instagram, the emails coming in about our Spring Break planning, and everything else could wait. This was a rare moment and I wanted to immerse myself in it entirely. He wanted to talk about his future and college. He wanted to discuss his career options and which professions make great money. This wasn’t the conversation I expected to have with my 8 year old on a fun day but I rolled with it.

Our next stop was GameStop. Gabriel is a HUGE saver. He saves his gift cards and all of the money he gets. This kid literally has over $1,000 saved just from birthday money and Christmas money he has received over the past couple of years. He had two GameStop gift cards to use. He specifically wanted to stop by this store so he could find some Five Nights at Freddy’s Pop characters. We found what he wanted as well as a Pokémon plush and a tee shirt that was a spoof of “Stranger Things”. It says “Gamer Things”. Gabriel is a big gamer so he loves his new shirt. We head towards the check out and I see a Jon Snow Pop character. I said, “Oh my God! It’s Jon Snow! I’m getting it.” Gabriel says, “Who is Jon Snow?” I almost died. I am obsessed with Game of Thrones. It is hands down one of the best series EVER. Both Carmen and Gabriel get annoyed because I watch it ALL THE TIME. Apparently he hates when I watch it but has not paid any attention to it whatsoever. I said, “WHO is Jon Snow? I can’t believe you asked me that!” The guy at the checkout laughed. I guess if you’re a Throney it’s just absurd that a person, even a child, wouldn’t know who Jon Snow is. Then the guy told me there was a Dany Pop figure on the shelf that is “very rare”. Of course I scooped this up also and later at the house found a nice spot for Jon and Dany in the kitchen.

We made our way to the movie theater, which was insanely packed. Since we homeschool, our schedule allows us flexibility for activities. When we go to the movies as a family, it’s during the week and it isn’t crowded. I forgot how weekends at the movies are. We couldn’t find any scary movies, and I didn’t think he’d enjoy Red Sparrow. I suggested Peter Rabbit, and he was into it but didn’t want to wait around over an hour to see it. Secretly I think he wanted to hurry home so he could display his Pop figures in his room. Just about this time Wendy texted to let me know the dogs would be finished in 20 minutes.

We had one last stop to make since I had a gift card, although I will find any excuse to go to my own personal Mecca. The main goal of this stop was to find something to finalize one of the fireplace mantles in our new house. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything but I didn’t fret. HomeGoods is full of items you don’t plan to buy but end up purchasing, just like Target. We picked up some cute non breakable plates, glasses, and BPA free water bottles in spring/summer colors instead. I always buy a Yankee Candle when I’m shopping here because you can get one of the big ones for $12.99. I can’t get out of HomeGoods without spending $100. I literally spend $99.89. I can’t believe I was under budget by 11 cents.

Once we scooped up our freshly groomed and super fly pups, we made our way back up the highway to our sleepy southern town. Of course as soon as I walked in the door, I had to start making dinner. The kids decided to have a “fancy” dinner at the actual dining room table. I was cool with it but told them to set the table, and they did. They wanted to use the new dishes, so they worked as a team and hand washed those items so we could use them at the table. I love to see them working together!

I was not into cooking after running around and driving all day so I made a super simple dinner of grilled chicken, brussel sprouts, and gluten free cornbread. I also pulled out a nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. I drank WAY too much wine with my sister when she was in town a couple of weeks ago. This was my first forage into wine since then. 🤷🏻‍♀️

A fun fact I usually keep separate from my writing is that the Mr. and I own a wine bar. Silver Oak is a very well known and well made wine. Twomey is owned by the children of Silver Oak. This Californian Sauvignon Blanc is amazing.

Ruby took a little nap while waiting for dinner, and woke up halfway through. She joined us and gobbled up the chicken and cornbread. She was not so sure about the brussel sprouts, but she either ate them or threw them down to the dogs that were circling her chair like sharks. We practice baby led weaning with Ruby. Stay tuned for a blog post about this soon.

Henry and Pippin waiting for a handout.

In summary, yesterday was a fantastic day. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day bullshit of adulting and forget about the most important thing in life. Time. Make time for your loved ones. Push your to do list to the side. It will still be there the next day. ♥️



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