Toddler Feeding Made Easy with Ashtonbee

FTC Disclosure:Monetary compensation was not received for this review. Opinions are solely those of the author based on my personal experience with complimentary product provided by Ashtonbee.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I am a huge advocate of Baby Led Weaning. If you are unfamiliar, BLW is allowing a baby to self feed at the very beginning of weaning. Babies are usually ready to incorporate other foods besides breast milk or formula around the age of six months. With Baby Led Weaning, there is no more spoon feeding mushy food to your baby. It’s quite simple and has a TON of benefits for baby. Just make sure the food given to baby is cut to an appropriate size, and is also appropriate for the stage of feeding baby is currently at (teeth are a big component). Parents are actually able to sit down and enjoy a hot meal with their family, which isn’t always the case with spoon feeding.


Naturally, I was thrilled when Ashtonbee approached me to review a couple of their products. I was able to choose the two I wanted to review. I chose the Ashtonbee Stay-Put Suction Baby Bowls and the Ashtonbee Elephant Sippy Cup Lids. Both of these products present a solution to issues I have while feeding Ruby.


As soon as I saw the suction baby bowls, I knew I wanted to try these out! Ruby, like a lot of babies, likes to sling plates and bowls across the room when given the chance. Usually I just put her food in front of her without a bowl or plate so this doesn’t happen. With these adorable suction baby bowls, she isn’t able to move the bowls from her highchair tray at all. I love that I can separate her food by item and each has it’s own place on her chair instead of all of the food being mixed up together (I have had a thing about that and food touching on my plate since childhood). These bowls also come with lids so if there are any leftovers, you can easily snap the lid on the bowl and pop it in the fridge for a later meal. Ashtonbee is all about the safety of your baby. These bowls are FDA Approved Food Grade Silicon and is BPA, Latex, BPS, and Phthalates-Free.



The second product I chose to review is the sippy cup lid. Each box comes with 5 silicone sippy cup lids in the shape of little elephants. The colors are very appealing for baby and are gender neutral. Every single sippy cup I have purchased for Ruby has not interested her in the least. Instead she likes to chew on the handles or shake them relentlessly until she has made a puddle of water. These Ashtonbee Sippy Cup Lids are super stretchy, so they will literally fit on ANY cup…even those that aren’t specifically for toddler use. The process of slipping the lid on Ruby’s sippy cup was super easy, and the lid stayed on with no issues. Initially I was concerned she would figure out how to slide the lid off and throw the contents of her cup everywhere (she’s quite crafty), but she wasn’t able to! YAY!! These sippy cup lids feature all of the non toxic features I listed above for the suction cup bowls.



We have a couple of trips coming up over the next couple of months, and these products from Ashtonbee will absolutely be coming with us to make traveling with Ruby a bit easier. There is just one last awesome thing I forgot to mention, these products are dishwasher safe!



If you’d like to try out any of the Ashtonbee products for your baby, you can use the code HIGHLYCAFF15 for a 15% discount between today and March 23. This code can be used at the Ashtonbee website as well as on Amazon (click the pics below for direct Amazon listings for each product).


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